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Short Term Health Insurance

When shopping for short term health insurance it pays to shop around and get multiple rate quotes from different companies.

Short term health insurance is designed to cover an individual during a brief gap in standard health coverage, like when an individual is waiting to be enrolled in an individual health insurance policy, or in-between jobs etc. Short term health insurance is generally available for terms of anywhere between one and twelve months.

Because temporary health insurance policies are generally non-renewable (you have to re-apply to extend coverage) they are appropriate only for people in between coverages, and should not be purchased in place of regular coverage. However, if you're between jobs, on strike, recently graduated, or simply waiting on a new individual health plan to take effect, short term health insurance can provide you and your family with some much-needed security.

Keep in mind that in many cases health insurance shoppers are indeed better off purchasing individual health insurance that is not temporary in nature. Find out in what cases this might make sense to you.

The typical Short Term policy covers most of the same services a permanent policies do, with some differences.

Because most short term health insurance policies are fee-for-service (indemnity) plans, preventative and routine care (like check-ups) won't be covered, nor will dental or vision care. Most temporary health insurance is very strict about denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Most short term health insurance policies can be adapted to extend coverage to a spouse and dependents.

Short term health insurance is a very affordable policy. The monthly premium on a standard short term health insurance policy may be as low as $25 per month, depending on what deductible is chosen

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While searching for a health insurance plan, a prescription drug discount card might be of assistance immediately to offer cost savings on prescriptions that you might currently have.  These cards are not insurance and should not be viewed as an alternative to health insurance, but they can save you money and can be downloaded here at no cost to you or obligation.  Print out your personalized card, and it is activated and ready to use.


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