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New Jersey Health Insurance

State Rankings

In the past decade, New Jersey has been up and down in the healthcare rankings. While some statistics improve, others regress, and vice versa. Fortunately, in the past year, New Jersey continued a trend of positive changes in its state health, up to 11th in the country. The strengths of New Jersey healthcare include a low number of children in poverty, low smoking rates, a high number of primary care physicians, and a very strong high school graduation percentage. Unfortunately, these statistics have the potential to be offset by very low rates of early prenatal care (45th in the nation), preventable hospitalizations, and child immunization coverage. Ranking 30th in public health funding also hurts healthcare in New Jersey. However, it is important to note that some stats, including the number of preventable hospitalizations, has been slowly improving recently. New Jersey has potential to improve even further once the overall unemployment rate decreases and residents have a chance to spend more money on health.

New Jersey Health Insurance

As healthy as New Jersey is, 15% of residents are still uninsured, according to the Kaiser Foundation. While this percentage is still below the national average, it isn't by much. This high number of uninsured residents has potential to cost New Jersey a lot of money in public health funding and increased healthcare costs, especially with high rates of diabetes, cancer deaths, and cardiovascular deaths. However, New Jersey still has many items to be proud of in its residents' overall health. New Jersey has several healthcare plans that are highly rated by the NCQA:

Top New Jersey NCQA-accredited health insurance plans (2011)

Health Plan Type NCQA Score
CIGNA Healthcare of New Jersey HMO/POS 84.8
Aetna Health (NJ) -- Southern NJ HMO/POS 84.2
AmeriHealth HMO (NJ) HMO/POS 83.4
Aetna Health (NJ) -- Northern NJ HMO/POS 82.6
Aetna Life Insurance Company (NJ) PPO 82.3
Oxford Health Plans (NJ) HMO/POS 81.7

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Important Addresses

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
20 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08625

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
369 S. Warren St
Trenton, NY 08608

Ten Biggest Health Insurance Companies in New Jersey (NAIC, 2011)

  • Horizon Healthcare Services Inc.
  • Horizon Healthcare of New Jersey Inc.
  • Aetna Health Inc. NJ
  • UnitedHealthcare Ins. Co.
  • Aetna Life Ins. Co.
  • AmeriChoice of NJ Inc.
  • Oxford Health Plans NJ Inc.
  • Oxford Health Ins. Inc.
  • Health Net of NJ Inc.
  • Connecticut General Life Ins. Co.
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