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Louisiana Health Insurance

State Rankings

Louisiana currently ranks 49th out of 50 in the annual America's Health Rankings, published by the United Health Foundation. While the study does mention a few positives about Louisiana healthcare, such as a high use of early prenatal care and a high level of per capita public health funding, the negatives far outweigh any positives. Over 17% of Louisianans are uninsured, well above the national average of 15%. Louisiana is also in the bottom ten in terms of the total number of diabetics as well as total number of smokers in the state population. Obesity is also on the rise in Louisiana. In the past decade, Louisiana has seen a nearly 40% increase in the obesity rate among its residents, resulting in a staggering 1.1 million adults in the state classified as obese. Louisiana healthcare has suffered as well because of a high rate of preventable hospitalizations due to conditions such as these.

Louisiana Healthcare

There are still some bright points and areas for improvement for Louisiana healthcare, however. The state currently ranks sixth in state health funding per capita, and their average annual healthcare cost growth has been below the national average for the past decade. The largest portion of this growth, though, has been in hospital care, coming as a result of the other disturbingly high rates of smoking, obesity, and diabetes. This growth in hospital costs has exceeded the national average. Despite the growth in hospital costs and high rates of preventable disease, Louisiana still has several healthcare and Medicare plans that are highly rated by the NCQA:

Top Louisiana NCQA-accredited health insurance and Medicare plans and score (2011)

Health Plan Type NCQA Score
Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana HMO 82.3
Vantage Health Plan HMO/POS 64.2
WellCare of Louisiana HMO 62.1
Arcadian Health Plan (H7179) HMO 59.2
Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana PPO n/a

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Additional Information

Reputable LA Health Insurance Companies

Important Addresses

Louisiana Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 94214 (ZIP 70804) 1702 N. 3rd St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
628 N. 4th St
. P.O. Box 629 (ZIP 70821)
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Ten Biggest Health Insurance Companies in Louisiana (NAIC, 2011)

  • Louisiana Health Service & Ind Co.
  • Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana
  • UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co.
  • HMO Louisiana Inc.
  • People‚Äôs Health Inc.
  • Coventry Health Care of Louisiana Inc.
  • Sterling Life Insurance Co.
  • Vantage Health Plan Inc.
  • American Family Life Assurance Co.
  • Aetna Life Insurance Co.
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