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Offered Free from No Catch. No Obligation. has partnered with UnitedNetworks of America (UNA) -- One of the nations largest value added managed care product and service providers in the country -- to provide our valued visitors with this free prescription drug card. The Free card is personalized, pre-activated, and 100% FREE. with no obligation and no catch. Some of the highlights of the card are listed below...

  • The card provides savings of up to 75% on Prescription drugs -- with average savings of about 30%.
  • The card can be used at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country.
  • The card can be used as your primary prescription plan, or it can be used in combination with health insurance coverage to provide savings on the gaps not covered, i.e. in combination with Medicare Plans when Seniors reach doughnut hole, or combined with HSA for first dollar discounts before deductibles met
  • The card will be personalized with your name and can be downloaded, emailed or texted to you free of charge.
  • In addition to Rx Discounts, the card also offers discounts on the following: Eye Glasses, Teeth Whitening, Dental Services, Diabetic Supplies, Lasik Surgery and Hearing Aids.
  • The card is pre-activated. Once printed you can bring to pharmacy and utilize immediately
  • The program utilizes logic that guarantees that you get the lowest price possible
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