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Access Health CT

Connecticut's Health Insurance Marketplace

Access Health CT  is the Connecticut state health insurance exchange established through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Access Health CT will allow consumers to make side-by-side comparisons of health plans offering qualified health plans that meet a core set of essential health benefits set forth by the ACA that all health plans must cover going forward. 

The mission of Access Health CT is to increase the number of Connecticut residents that have health insurance while lowering their cost, promoting good health and eliminating health disparities.

Participating Connecticut Health Plans

For 2014, Connecticut health insurance shoppers will not have many options when looking for individual & family plans via the Access Health CT exchange.  For 2014, the participating insurers include Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthCare & HealthyCT.  Connecticut based Aetna, withdrew their plans to participate in 2014 but may choose to offer plans in 2015 and beyond.

Top Connecticut NCQA-accredited health insurance plans 2012-2013

Health Plan Type NCQA Score
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/HMO 86.7
Connecticare PPO/HMO 86.4
Oxford Health Plan HMO/POS 84.7
UnitedHealthCare PPO 84.5

Note: Of the top rated health plans in Connecticut (as rated by NCQA), only Anthem BCBS and UnitedHealthCare will be offering plans on the Access Health CT exchange in 2014.

Connecticut Health Insurance Rates

Health plans on the Access Health CT platform will fit into one of the four "metal levels" -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum --  that define the level of benefits that a particular health plan provides.  For example under a bronze plan the insurer covers 60% of the healthcare costs will be paid for by insurer with the remaining 40% the responsibility of the customer.  Similarly, platinum plans offer the richest benefits, with the insurer picking up 90% of the healthcare expense. 

More information about health insurance premiums on the exchange will be provided when available.

Shopping For Health Plans

If you live in Connecticut, Access Health CT will be great place to compare Connecticut health insurance quotes side-by-side.  However, consulting with a licensed health insurance agent  is still an extremely valuable resource in helping you select the right policy for your health care needs and walking you through the enrollment process. "Navigators" may also be helpful with the process, but they are not permitted to make health plan recommendations.  The services of both agents and navigators are free to you.   In addition, there are private exchanges that have been providing this service online for several years and have they are very easy to use and also provide comparison quotes and options to submit applications for enrollment. Simply enter your zip code above to begin shopping.

note: we are not affiliated with Access For Health CT health insurance marketplace. We are a consumer resource site providing information capsules about various health insurance carriers and other constituents that help health insurance shoppers like yourself make better healthcare decisions.

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