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Health Insurance Plans with IVF Coverage

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Many health insurance plans include at least some benefits to cover infertility.  In fact in many states (15), health insurance companies are required to cover infertility treatments to some degree.  These treatments may include fertility testing, artificial insemintion, embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization (IVF), and can be very expensive.

Infertility insurance benefits can vary greatly between health insurance companies so if this benefit is something that is important to you make sure you verify that it is a covered benefit before you enroll in the health insurance plan of your choice.

To search for individual & family health insurance plans that provide infertility insurance coverage, simply enter your zip code (upper right) to begin.  As mentioned above, before making your ultimate purchase decision, you should verify that these treatments will be covered by the plan you choose.

While you are searching for a major medical health insurance plan to insure that your families healthcare needs are covered, a prescription drug discount card might be of assistance immediately to offer cost savings on prescription drug needs that you might currently have.  While these cards are not insurance and should not be viewed as an alternative to health insurance, they can save you money and can be downloaded here at no cost to you or obligation.  Print out your personalized card, and it is activated and ready to use.

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