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United HealthCare

A subsidiary of UnitedHealthGroup, United HealthCare combines strength and stability with nearly three decades experience serving customers of all sizes.

Today, the UnitedHealthcare family of companies serves around 70 million Americans. They provide access to high quality care from nearly 700,000 physicians and 5,600

 hospitals across all 50 states and in 4 international markets.

UnitedHealthcare offers individuals and families quality, affordable health care coverage through Golden Rule® Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. Golden Rule's flagship product offering for individuals and families is called UnitedHealthOne

Coverage Options Include:

Health Savings Account Plans which offer a lower-cost alternative to traditional health insurance and tax-free savings for individuals and families.

Co-pay Plans designed for individuals and families who want help managing their routine medical expenses plus outstanding coverage for major health care expenses.

High Deductible and Basic Plans designed for individuals and families willing to take additional responsibility for some health care expenses in exchange for lower premiums.

Short Term Medical provides medical coverage for the in-between times. An individual may select non-renewable coverage for 1-6 months.

Medicare Supplement Plans (in association with AARP) for seniors over age 65.

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