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Secure Horizons

Health Insurance for Individuals over age 65

With nearly a million members, Secure Horizons  (A UnitedHealthCare Company) is one of the largest Medicare Advantage contracting health plans in the nation.

Secure Horizons can provide more health care benefits than original Medicare provides with low or no plan premiums and co-payments (You must be enrolled to Medicare Part A and continue to pay Part B premiums), no deductibles and virtually no paperwork, when using contracted providers.

Secure Horizons is a Medicare Advantage Plan contracting with the federal government. This contract allows them to administer the health care benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. In return, the government pays them a fixed monthly amount for each member.

As a result, members not only get quality health care coverage without the expense of high plan premiums or deductibles, they have virtually no paperwork to contend with. And at the same time, they still enjoy more health care benefits and services than original Medicare offers for little or no additional cost.

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Secure Horizons also offers Medicare Supplement Plans. The specific standardized plans they offer varies by state.

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