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Healthy Indiana Plan

The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) is a state sponsored health insurance plan for uninsured adults living in Indiana who meet certain income restrictions.  Parents or caregivers of children who are enrolled in the Hoosier Healthwise program can typically obtain health coverage for themselves via the Healthy Indiana Plan.


In order to be eligible, Indiana residents must earn less than 200% of federal poverty level, not have access to health insurance coverage through their employer, and must have been uninsured for at least 6 months.


The Healthy Indiana Plan covers: physician services, prescription drugs, diagnostic exams, home health services, outpatient hospital, inpatient hospital, preventive services, family planning and more....

Other Options

Healthy Indiana Plan is designed for low-income Indiana residents who need affordable health insurance coverage.  In addition to the HIP plan there are many other low-cost Indiana health plans available to Indiana residents who may not qualify for this state subsidized plan.

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