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TexanPlus HMO

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There is less than three weeks left in Medicare open enrollment period.  The next Medicare health plan to be profiled is one that is available exclusively to Medicare beneficiaries in Texas.   The plan is called TexanPlus HMO.  TexanPlus is Medicare Advantage plan offered by Universal American Insurance Company. There are three TexanPlus plan options; 1) […]

Medicaid in Texas Facing Possible Changes

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Supplemental Medicaid payments are at risk in Texas for private hospitals, including about 21 facilities owned by publicly traded Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).  There is a state proposal to revamp the health care structure for individual health insurance in Texas.  This includes the health care program for the poor and if it’s approved, Medicaid […]

Texas Health Insurance Changing

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Across the nation, the number of employers offering health insurance to their employees is decreasing due to the rising costs of health care.  Texas is no different and they are actually seeing a more dramatic drop when compared to the national average.  The article “Texas Falling Behind in Employer-Based Health Insurance” by says the […]

Health Insurance Rates Vary for Elective Surgery

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You may be surprised to hear that elective surgery in the United States varies greatly based on where you live, and which doctors they are seeing according to the article “When it Comes to Elective Surgery, Where You Live Matters” on Kaiser Health News.  A recent study from Reuters finds a large regional variation in […]

Houston Health Insurance Has A New Advocate

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Houston, Texas elected a new mayor earlier this month named Annise Parker.  According to the article “Houston Is The Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor” by James C. McKinley on, voters gave a solid victory to this openly gay woman. There are some smaller cities that have elected openly gay mayors, but this […]

Individual Health Insurance In Texas May Change

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Texas insurance consumer advocate is looking to get rid of the blanket authority of health insurance companies to decide what their policies will cover according to the article “Texas Consumer Advocate Wants Ban on Health Insurers’ Blanket Clauses” by Terrence Stutz on  This would cause a big impact on individual health insurance in Texas. […]

Dallas Health Insurance: Uninsured Residents on the Rise

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There are about 6 million uninsured Texas residents according to the article “Jason Roberson nominates uninsured Texans, whose staggering health care costs affect us all” by Jason Roberson on The Dallas Morning News. Texas continues to lead the nation in the percent of uninsured residents, with about one out of every 4 Texans walking around […]

San Antonio Health Insurance Concerns

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According to the article “Health care: Dose of Uncertainty” by William Pack on, small business owners in San Antonio are uneasy about the possible shift of the health care system.  There is an angry attitude from small business owners towards the possibility of health care reform. For the past years, small business owners have […]

Texas Health Insurance and Medicare Supplements

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas gives some great information on Medicare Supplements on their website.  Having Texas health insurance or Medicare often isn’t enough to cover you in the case of medical treatment. The article on BCBSTX’s website outlines a summary on medicare supplements.  As more people know, Medicare is a federally run program […]

Dallas Health Insurance Important in Case of H1N1

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This Monday, health officials in Dallas reported the 17th death linked to the H1N1 virus in Dallas County according to the article “Dallas County Reports 17th H1N1 Death” by staff on that website.  A 51 year old man with an underlying health issue passed away recently and was infected with H1N1 according to Dallas […]