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U.S. Boosting Medicare Advantage Payments

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013 by SamTabes No Comments

Earlier this month, the Obama administration scrapped plans to cut by 2.2% the rates paid to health insurance companies that are taking part in the Medicare Advantage program.  There were many people who opposed the cuts including over 100 members of Congress and the health insurance companies themselves.  Insurers put together a convincing campaign to […]

Health Care Reform and Premium Subsidies

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The Actors Fund, a national human services organization that helps those in the performing arts and entertainment through social services, emergency assistance, health care and insurance information, put together a valuable article with some highlights of health care reform which is pertinent to those in this industry.  By 2014, everyone will be required to carry […]

AARP Survey Showing A Lot Of Anxiety Among Boomers

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The American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) has completed a recent anxiety index report which shows 75% of the 1852 registered voters surveyed in July are concerned about prices, especially for healthcare, rising faster than their income.  The future of Medicare and Medicaid have been in question due to political discussions and this has baby […]

Understanding if Medicare Advantage Costs Less or More

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Medicare Advantage is known as the private alternative to the traditional Medicare program for seniors.  It covers approximately 11.7 million Americans and is seen as more expensive by many.  On the flip side, some experts believe Medicare Advantage plans are cheaper.  This leaves many Americans very confused especially in today’s health care environment.  This could […]

Medigap Coverage: High Percent of Seniors Satisfied

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A new survey from American Viewpoint released from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) shows that nine out of every ten seniors are satisfied with their Medigap coverage in the past year.  About 79% of beneficiaries say their Medigap policies provide excellent or good value for the money and an overwhelming 91% would recommend this product […]

UnitedHealthcare Acquiring Preferred Care, Medica Healthcare

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UnitedHealthcare recently announced that they will be purchasing Preferred Care Partners and Medica HealthCare Plans which are both senior focused plans with operations mostly in southern and central Florida.  The companies combined serve a combined 85,000 Medicare Advantage members in South Florida, Central Florida and the Tampa area. This major acquisition is big news for […]

UPMC Sees Increase In Enrollment

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Medicare Advantage plans at UPMC Health Plan increased at a high rate over 2011 and this is evidence that seniors are looking for insurance alternatives through UPMC.  The subsidiary of Pittsburgh hospital system UPMC stated that membership in its six Medicare Advantage products was up 13.6% for 2011 enrollment calculations according to Alex Nixon’s article […]

Medicare Special Enrollment Period — What is It?

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The Medicare Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is essentially an exemption that allows seniors who meet certain circumstantial events to make Medicare Advantage plan purchases outside of the annual open enrollment period.  Qualifying circumstances include: Seniors with a change in there permanent address Seniors who enter or leave a nursing home Seniors who are eligible for […]

Blue To You by Horizon BCBS

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by ymedina No Comments

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is looking to significantly increase person to person customer service according to the press release found on MarketWatch.  The member-focused program is called “Blue to You” and involves the use of a multi-purpose van driving through neighborhoods in New Jersey. The Horizon Blue to You mobile van […]

Medicare Covering Obesity Counseling

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Medicare has recently put a lot of focus on preventative health measures to help bring down overall healthcare costs and obesity has been a hot topic.  The federal government believes that around 30% of its Medicare population falls into the obese category and this greatly contributes to expensive health issues such as diabetes and heart […]