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Medicare Open Enrollment Starts TODAY – October 15, 2013

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Medicare’s open enrollment is upon us once again and it’s important that those looking to update their Medicare plans get their choices in early.  October 15 through December 7 is when all Medicare participants can change their Medicare health plan and prescription drug coverage for 2014.  If you are happy with your current Medicare plan […]

Free Prescription Drug Discount Card Offered From

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More and more Americans are finding the cost of health insurance to be overwhelming, especially when it comes to their prescription drug coverage.  When money gets tight, individuals often let health expenses go and find themselves with no coverage at all, which obviously is a bad idea.  Some people rely on prescription drugs for their […]

Fiscal Cliff Deal Good For Some Rural Hospitals

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The New Year’s Day “fiscal cliff” deal came with a lot of mixed emotions across the nation, but for some small, rural hospitals there was a sigh of relief.  As an example, Jones Memorial Hospital in rural upstate New York will be receiving an extra $450,000 this year thanks to the deal according to Phil […]

Save Money With Prescription Drug Cards

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A small study was recently completed by to analyze the use of prescription drug cards.  Founder Edgar Dworsky obtained five prescription drug cards from various groups and compared the coverages and prices of each discount card.  Cards were obtained from AAA, AARP, the National League of Cities, UNA Rx and Simple Savings.  National League […]

Chinese Community Health Plan Prescription Service

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Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) effective Jan 1 2012 will transition its pharmacy benefits management company Navitus Health Solutions so that its members will not experience any interruption of service resulting from Walgreens ongoing dispute with Express Scripts. Beginning Jan 1, Express Scripts customers will not be able to utilize Walgreen’s to get their prescriptions […]

Community CCRX Prescription Drug Plan

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There are 17 days remaining in the 2012 open enrollment period for Medicare health plans, and this includes Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plans). Community CCRx PDP (Prescription Drug Plan) is a federal qualified plan that is offered by the following organizations that contract directly with the government to offer:  Silverscript Insurance Company, and Pennsylvania […]

Recognizing National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week

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Health systems across the nation, including Geisinger Health Plans, are recognizing National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week which runs from October 17th through the 23rd.  Pharmacy Week is dedicated to hard working pharmacists who play such an important role in patient care. Geisinger Health System specifically is taking an active role in this recognition. […]

Aetna Health Insurance and CVS Team Up

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Aetna Health Insurance and CVS Caremark Corp have teamed up to offer a US Medicare prescription drug plan to their customers.  The Aetna Plan was recently announced and it offers a no deductible plan for generic drugs and will only cost $26 per month. This is the next joint effort between an insurer and drug […]

Health Insurance Haggling With Your Doctor

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We don’t generally think of ourselves as consumers when we visit our doctor, but that’s exactly what we are.  We are paying money for a service, and even if the insurance company is paying most of the bill, we are a consumer to the health insurance company as we pay premiums each month.  A report […]

Health Insurance Policies: What to Look For

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If you have ever shopped around around for a quality health insurance policy you know how confusing the details can be.  It’s hard to know what’s important and what benefits apply directly to you.  There are many options out there and it can easily become overwhelming.  It’s important to take your time during this process. […]