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Medicare Open Enrollment Starts TODAY – October 15, 2013

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Medicare’s open enrollment is upon us once again and it’s important that those looking to update their Medicare plans get their choices in early.  October 15 through December 7 is when all Medicare participants can change their Medicare health plan and prescription drug coverage for 2014.  If you are happy with your current Medicare plan […]

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2013: A Complicated Subject

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The Medicare open enrollment period for 2013 runs from October 13th through December 7th, and many Americans are concerned about new options, especially with health care reform upon us.  Once again, about 50 million Americans, most of which are seniors, are asked to review their current Medicare options and determine if they need to switch. […]

Understanding if Medicare Advantage Costs Less or More

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Medicare Advantage is known as the private alternative to the traditional Medicare program for seniors.  It covers approximately 11.7 million Americans and is seen as more expensive by many.  On the flip side, some experts believe Medicare Advantage plans are cheaper.  This leaves many Americans very confused especially in today’s health care environment.  This could […]

Hospitals Throughout Nation Facing Medicare Penalties From Readmissions

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Medicare is taking a closer look at all aspects of our health care system that may be raising overall Medicare costs.  Hospital readmissions specifically, could be an indicator of a bigger problem in the system that’s contributing to the rising costs of health care and health insurance.  When patients walk out of the hospital, Medicare […]

Will Medicare Eligibility Be Raised to Age 67?

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There has been a lot of talk in Congress about raising the eligibility age on Medicare to age 67 to save costs.  This has been talked about for years, but it faces a lot of opposition in Congress.  According to the article “Raising Medicare Age Would Save $148 Billion, CBO Says” by Meghan McCarthy and […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Extension for Some

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Today, December 7th, is the end of the open enrollment period for Medicare recipients.  Susan Jaffe from the website reports that extensions are being offered to people who are unable to enroll due to wait times, but only by three days.  A spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid claims that extensions will […]

SeniorBlue Select

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Wellmark recently announced that their Medicare supplement plan SeniorBlue Select would be discontinued as of Dec 31.   Nearly 4,000 members are enrolled in the plan that supplements Medicare benefits. SeniorBlue Select was closed to new business about three years ago, but about 3,900 members remain on the books.  The plan was popular because it offered […]

MediBlue HMO by Empire BCBS

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There is just over 1 week left in Medicare Open Enrollment.  If you live in NY state and are still shopping for a Medicare health plan, the MediBlue HMO suite of plans offered by Empire BlueCross BlueShield are worth taking a look. MediBlue HMO Essential is a Medicare Advantage Plan without Prescription Drug Coverage. MediBlue […]

Change In Medicare Open Enrollment Causing Confusion

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Stuart Millard, a Certified Financial Planner, who heads Senior Insurance Solutions in Massachusetts says most people are confused by Medicare and very few are aware of the changes in open enrollment.  According to the article “Key Change Could Screw Up Your 2012 Medicare” by Susan Ladika on, many seniors are very accustomed to waiting […]

Reminder: Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Earlier This Year

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Many Medicare beneficiaries are not aware that open enrollment starts this Saturday, October 15th and runs through December 7th, 2011.  Between Medicare enrollment and Medicare supplement information, seniors are feeling overwhelmed. has done it’s best to educate consumers on the important dates they should know to help them plan. As of October 1, new […]