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Health Care May Decrease Significantly for Illegal Immigrants

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Health care reform is setting up a tough situation when it comes to health care for the 11 million illegal immigrants throughout the nation.  As more people become insured through the individual mandate, clinics and hospitals may become overwhelmed and start turning away people who cannot afford to pay. Unfortunately, this falls heavily on illegal […]

Fiscal Cliff May Affect Medicare Reimbursements In Cleveland

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If the United States ends up falling off the looming “fiscal cliff”, Northeast Ohio’s health care providers would shoulder millions of dollars in revenue cuts to manage costs throughout the area, specifically the Greater Cleveland area.  The inability of Congress and the White House to work together and come up with a budget plan has […]

Veterans’ Health Care: Interesting Facts

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On this Veterans Day, we take time out to thank all the Veterans who have represented the United States of America courageously and wish we could do more for them.  Most Veterans do have access to quality health insurance which is one thing the government can give back.  Some would argue it’s not enough, but […]

Medicare Battle During Vice Presidential Debate

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Congressman Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden fought hard last night during the first vice presidential debate.  Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, it’s easy to say that this was indeed a very heated debate with solid points made by both sides.  Both candidates brought fire to the table as […]

Presidential Debate Sparks Intense Health Care Reform Discussion

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Last night, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama had their first round of debates before the Presidential election in November.  The overall feel was calm, but the topics were heated.  One area of discussion that has a lot of people confused is how each candidate is approaching America’s health care dilemma and how health […]

Ohio Health Insurance Coverage Increasing For Children

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In Ohio, and much of the nation, the poverty level continues to remain stagnant, and in some parts it’s actually rising.  Despite this upsetting fact, the number of children without Ohio health insurance is decreasing which is a positive trend that experts expect may continue.  Specifically in Fairfield County in Ohio, children without health insurance decreased […]

California’s Healthy Families Health Insurance May Be Restored

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California’s Governor Jerry Brown made a controversial move earlier this year to end the state’s Healthy Families Insurance Program for low-income children and cover them through Medi-Cal which is the state’s version of Medicaid.  This change to children’s health insurance in California was an effort to drastically cut costs, but is it working?  Now a […]

Medicaid Recipients See Sharp Cuts on Dental Coverage

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States have not been able to narrow Medicaid eligibility as much as they have wanted and in response to this they are finding other ways to cut costs.  One way they are going about this is to slash dental health insurance benefits for Medicaid recipients which is affecting overall oral health in this country.  Abby […]

Government and Insurers Fighting Against Health Care Fraud

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President Obama and his administration are stepping up their fight against health care fraud in an effort to save Americans billions of dollars.  They announced last week that they are sharing new data and investigative know-how on a scale we have not seen before to shut off as many questionable payments as possible.  Health care […]

Medicaid Expansion Cuts Death Rates

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POST SCRIPT UPDATE 8/10/2012  - Here is some more information on this monumental report released this summer.  The mortality declines from expanding Medicaid were greatest among adults ages 35-64 including minorities and residents in poorer counties.  The Medicaid expansions had other positive effects such as decreased rates on uninsured residents, lower rates of delayed care […]