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Businesses Choosing Private Health Insurance Over Government Option

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by ymedina No Comments

The government option for health insurance has its pros and cons, but businesses are noticing that private health insurance could be the better choice.  The article by Jamie L. Brockway, “Business Owners See Value of Private Health Plans Over Government Option” on talks about what challenges business owners face as they make this decision. […]

US Health Care Scorecard – 64 Out of 100

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It’s no secret that the US has some work to do on health care systems and health insurance programs.  The article “US Scores 64 out of 100: Commonwealth Fund Commission National Health Care Scorecard” from the Medical News Today website, details the third national scorecard report completed by the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High […]

Health Insurance for Small Businesses: Ways to Cut Costs

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The cost of covering employees’ health insurance continues to rise and no one is feeling this more than small businesses.  Many smaller businesses have completely eliminated any benefits programs for their staff because the costs are just too high and they keep increasing.  Even though the rate of the increases is slowing down, it’s still […]

Health Insurance From Employers May Decrease

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Some health care experts believe that health care reform may cause drastic decreases in the amount of employers offering health insurance to their employees.  This could end up being disastrous for the millions of Americans who rely on this health insurance to take care of their family.  The Obama administration’s chief actuary of Medicare currently […]

Health Insurance Brokers Could Benefit From New Legislation

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A group of state insurance regulators with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) voted earlier to endorse new legislation that would preserve health insurance broker sales commissions and benefit insurers, potentially at the expense of consumers.  Some experts believe this legislation could cost consumers billions in higher health insurance costs and lost rebates offered […]

NFL Players Looking for Better Health Care

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The long awaited NFL lock-out is upon up and players are toughing it out without health insurance.  Many players chose to get coverage through COBRA while negotiations are under way, but there are players taking a risk with no insurance at this time.  This is unfortunately considering one of the main factors the players are […]

Health Care Reform Not So Bad For Insurers

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Health care reform had many health insurance companies worried particularly because of a mandate which would require insurers to spend a certain percentage of the premiums they collect on care related costs.  There is some good news according to the article “Health Insurers Adjust to Once-Scary Reform Rule” by Tom Murphy on  Two major […]

Retiree Health Insurance Abroad

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Many Americans look to retire in the beauty of another country, whether it be the Caribbean, Europe or South America.  If you choose to retire in another country, making sure you have the proper health insurance coverage is crucial.  According to the article “How to Find Retiree Health Insurance Abroad” by Kathleen Peddicord on, policy […]

Major Medical Insurance Quotes Available

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According to the article “Half A Million Denied Health Coverage” by Stephanie Kirchgaessner on the Financial Time’s website, the 4 largest health insurance companies in the US are under scrutiny because of their health insurance practices. From 2007 through 2009 over half a million individuals were declined health insurance coverage because of their pre-existing conditions […]

Health Insurance Brokers

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One of the main goals of the new Affordable Care Act is to make purchasing small group and individual health insurance policies easier and simpler.  It may end up eliminating the need for agents and brokers, according to the article “Health Insurance Broker: Friend of Foe” by Kate Pickert on Times blog site.  This obviously […]