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Blue Solutions by Independence Blue Cross

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Independence Blue Cross announced Thursday the introduction of a new suite of small business health plans called Blue Solutions. Blue Solutions health plans offer HMO, PPO, and direct POS options. According to Blue Cross representatives, The Blue Solutions HMO is the first HMO for small businesses in the Philadelphia health insurance marketplace to be medically […]

HMO Insurance Quote: Should Rate Increases Be Transparent?

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There has been an ongoing debate in the Washington state Legislature about whether or not health insurance companies should make the request for rate increases public.  The issue involves House Bill 1220, which would make the rate request public as soon as the office of Commissioner Mike Kreidler receives it according to the article “Insurance […]

Consider Health Insurance When Looking for a New Job

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UPDATE 3/4/2012 – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is down from 9.9% in March of 2010, to a current unemployment rate of 8.3% as of January 2012.  If this trend continues, this is great news for people without health insurance benefits.  As unemployment drops, employers may become more competitive with their […]

New Florida Health Insurance Plan

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Florida Senators are constructing a Medicaid reform plan that would move most of the programs 3 million patients into private HMO health insurance plans.  The reform plan as it is being discussed, would also dental coverage and vision coverage. The reform plan is necessary because the Medicaid budget is spiraling out of control, currently costing […]

Understanding PPO Health Insurance

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Understanding preferred provider organizations (PPO) versus health maintenance organizations is very important if you are shopping around for health insurance.  Both offer their own benefits but it really depends on the consumer’s individual needs. PPO health insurance allows the consumer to choose to see a general practitioner or a medical specialist without a referral from […]

Finding Health Insurance for Small Businesses

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Finding health insurance for small business can be a daunting task, and there is a lot of information out there for business owners to sift through.  Good news though for Blue Cross members.  Independence Blue Cross has unveiled some new health care options for small businesses.  The launch includes 25 new plans and is being […]

PPO Insurance Quotes Rise

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According to the article “Workers Absorb More of the Rising Cost of Health Care, Survey Shows” by Joanne Kenen on, a new survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that overall health insurance costs went up by about 3% in 2010 and nearly all of the extra costs were passed on to the […]

HMO Insurance Quote

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According to the article “Obama’s Health Care Reform Increases Confidence in Health Care” by Daniel Martynowicz on, President Obama’s health care reform bill which passed in March had very mixed reviews.  But interestingly enough, consumer confidence in health care is up. A recent Gallop poll shows that America’s confidence in health care has risen […]

PPO Insurance Quote for Small Business

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Leaders of small businesses say that the new health care legislation aimed at controlling their health insurance costs brings them much closer to a level playing field in the Massachusetts health insurance system.  This is according to the article found on by Kay Lazar discussing the new health care measure and its affect on […]

UnitedHealth Group 2nd Quarter Results

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Health insurance company, UnitedHealth Group reported a 31% increase in its second quarter net income according to the article “A Jump in Enrollment Helps UnitedHealth” by The Associated Press on the NY Times website.  The increase of enrollment has helped considerably and results are better than Wall Street expected. Total enrollment for UnitedHealth is up […]