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Shopping For Health Insurance Now is Impt. For Young & Healthy

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As we approach October 1 2013 — the date when Federal & State health insurance exchanges are slated to open for business — it makes sense for those who buy their own health insurance to compare rates and shop for health insurance this summer.  In many states, individual health insurance rates are expected to rise […]

California Health Insurance: Plan Rankings for 2012

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Based on the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Health Insurance Plan Study, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of California received the highest California health insurance ranking.  The award recipient earned five out five in all categories including coverage and benefits, provider choice, information and communication, claims processing, statements, customer service and approval processes.  They received five […]

Top Arizona Health Insurance Companies

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The top 10 health insurance companies in Arizona, based on 2010 market share as measured by NAIC, are listed below.  This ranking was initially reported on by US News and World Report. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Pacificare of Arizona Unitedhealthcare Ins. Co, Health Net of AZ Inc. CIGNA Healthcare of AZ Aetna Life […]

Texas Health Insurance Ratings

Posted on: June 7th, 2010 by ymedina No Comments

Humana Health Insurance received the high honor from JD Power of best health insurer.  They received the best rating in all categories across the board except in claims processing and customer service.  If you live in Texas and are shopping around for major medical insurance quotes, the JD Power 2010 Health Insurance Plan Study is […]

PPO Health Insurance in California

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PPO Health Insurance in California has recently been rated by The California Office of the Patient Advocate on their website.  They used the star rating system with four stars being Excellent, three being good, two being fair, and one star means poor. In the 2010 Edition of the PPO Ratings At-A-Glance no company received 4 […]

Florida Health Insurance: Tie in the Rankings

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Florida health insurance has been ranked by JD Power’s 2010 Health Plan Ratings report recently released.  There was a tie between two health insurance companies, CIGNA and UnitedHealthcare.  The other companies reviewed in the report on JD Power’s website were Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, and Humana. The tie between CIGNA and UnitedHealthcare […]

PPO Insurance Quote in Colorado

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Getting a PPO insurance quote in Colorado is made easier with JD Power’s recent release of their 2010 Health Insurance Plan Study.  The Award recipient went to Kaiser Foundation Health Plan which received the best rankings.  Knowing this is the best rated health insurance plan, shopping around is made a little easier. Other companies ranked […]

PPO Health Insurance: Adjusting Spending

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PPO health insurance companies along with many other types of health insurers, are changing their accounting practices to make administration costs medical costs to avoid industry reforms according to the US Sentate’s report released recently.  This is found in the article “Health Insurers Shifting Costs Ahead of Law: Report” by Susan Heavy on Yahoo News. […]

California Health Insurance: JD Power Rankings

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Kaiser Foundation Health Plan received the JD Power Award for the best health plan according to the 2010 Health Insurance Plan Study found on’s website.  They received an Among the Best rating in the overall experience category and ranked well in all other categories. California health insurance has many companies to choose from such […]

Colorado Health Insurance Companies Facing Fines

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According to the article “Colorado Fines Two Health Insurers” found on News In Brief on, Colorado’s Division of Insurance has placed 2 fines against large health insurance plans back in March.  This was based on reviews of Colorado health insurance companies’ business practices. One company was Aetna which was fined a total of $624,000 […]