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Health Law Requires Pediatric Dental Coverage

Posted on: January 21st, 2013 by SamTabes No Comments

Health care reform is requiring that individual and small group health insurance plans sold on the state-based health insurance exchanges and on the private market offer dental coverage to children.  This is in response to the fact that tooth decay currently ranks as the number 1 chronic disease among children.  While this effort is commendable, […]

Medicaid Recipients See Sharp Cuts on Dental Coverage

Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by SamTabes No Comments

States have not been able to narrow Medicaid eligibility as much as they have wanted and in response to this they are finding other ways to cut costs.  One way they are going about this is to slash dental health insurance benefits for Medicaid recipients which is affecting overall oral health in this country.  Abby […]

New Dental Plus Vision Plan From BCBSAR

Posted on: March 2nd, 2012 by SamTabes No Comments

Arkansas of Blue Cross and Blue Shield is aiming to help their customers with easier access to dental care.  Their new DentalBlue GoldSM Plus Vision plan is going to make it easier for consumers to have healthy eyes and teeth through preventative care and quality coverage. Senior Vice President of Statewide Business for Arkansas Blue […]

New Jersey Health Insurance Has FamilyCare

Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by ymedina No Comments

New Jersey, along with the rest of America, has a large population of low-income families struggling to pay for quality health care.  Health insurance plans in NJ can be costly, especially for families with multiple children.  The state recognizes that quality health care should be available to all residents so they have the NJ FamilyCare […]

Health Insurance In North Dakota: Community Health Centers

Posted on: August 22nd, 2011 by ymedina No Comments

Earlier this month is was National Community Health Center Week and North Dakota specifically worked hard to put the spotlight on how important community health centers are to their state.  Over one in four people do not carry health insurance in North Dakota, so centers are working to improve the health of residents through quality […]

Health Insurance for Dental Care Lacking

Posted on: July 14th, 2011 by ymedina No Comments

More and more people each year are passing up their important annual dentist visit, and fear isn’t the only reason.  Millions of people are struggling to afford a simple cleaning at the dentist during these tough economic times, and many health insurance companies do not offer dental coverage which needs to change.  Oral health is […]