Aetna Health Insurance Warns Customers of Rising Costs

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In an interesting move, Aetna health insurance recently sent a letter to their customers warning that health insurance costs in 2014 will likely be rising and put the blame specifically on health care reform.  According to the article on The Washington Times by Tom Howell Jr, news outlets are reporting that this letter recently went out to certain customers and it’s causing questions to rise.

The letter was posted online by the Weekly Standard and it says that The Affordable Care Act is changing the way health insurance will be billed.  It points out that preventative are coverage is being added and other important health benefits will be included in plans.  While this may appear to be in the best interest of the consumer, the insurer points out they may be raising prices due to the required changes.  They are letting customers know it’s not their fault apparently.

The Affordable Care Act will also be ending medical underwriting and due to these types of changes rates could increase.  The letter was sent to all customers who may have a plan affected by the rate changes.  The letter points out that there may be cheaper options available than the high-priced plans for 2014.  This could be an effective way to prevent some serious rate shock for affected customers but at the same time it may cause unnecessary concern if rate increases are small.  Also, it truly passes the buck to the government when many experts would argue these are added benefits that should have always been a part of a quality health plan.

The Affordable Care Act is also requiring everyone to carry health insurance coverage in hopes that this will keep the costs of health insurance lower.  This especially holds true as younger, healthier Americans will sign up for health insurance who otherwise would not have had coverage.  The health insurance exchanges are well on their way to being set up making shopping for health insurance easier and hopefully rate shock won’t be as traumatic as some experts are predicting in 2014.

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