Health Insurance Exchange Deadline Approaching Fast

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The deadline for states to implement the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchange requirement is less than four months away and there are still multiple states who are not on target to have the exchanges set up.  Some state governments are scrambling to get together exchanges and figure out exactly how they are going to work efficiently.  States have already received about $4 billion in funding so far and are able to access even more through 2014 according to Amanda White’s article from The Washington Post.  The funds are there but the know-how is still lacking.

There are a few states who are still requesting more funds including New Mexico who recently asked for $20 million to put towards education and marketing.  It’s hard to comprehend how these activities weren’t allowed in the first round of funds, but the federal government is being very generous.  It’s a priority to them that this health care reform works out for all states and they can get as many people insured as possible.

There are some states who have already set up the exchanges with fully functioning websites to accommodate customers looking for health insurance.  States including California, Oregon and New York have exchanges in place and are now focusing on marketing and education programs for the new systems.  Some Americans may find themselves overwhelmed by the exchanges especially if they are not Internet savvy.  This places extra pressure on education plans to ensure everyone can navigate comfortably through the websites.

There are also the states who have agreed to use the federally run exchanges which still haven’t been rolled out.  There is some major concern over how well the federal exchanges will integrate with state health and human service computer systems.  Integration is a key aspect of the plan going smoothly since all states will be relying on the federal government to determine who qualifies for certain subsidies.  There needs to be clear and consistent communication between the levels of government and we all know how well that has, or has not, worked in the past.

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