Health Care Reform: “The Decision”

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Updated July 18, 2012 – Now that the Supreme Court has deemed the Affordable Care Act Constitutional, Americans and health insurers must continue down the path of quality health care reform.  Here are some articles talking about some of the impact and what the future holds.

The Influence on the Delivery of Health Care

President Obama Defending Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform Still a Work in Progress

Updated July 14, 2012 – Reactions continue to emerge as the Supreme Court’s decision to deem President Obama’s health care reform Constitutional settles in:

Idaho’s Governor’s Reaction

Social Media’s Reaction

Ohio Doctor’s Reaction

Updated July 9, 2012 – We’ve included some additional company statements on their reaction to health care reform, including Humana, Aetna, AMA, California Health Institute, NAIC, and United Health Group:

Humana Statement

Aetna Statement

AMA Statement

CA Health Institute

NAIC Statement

UnitedHealth Group

Updated July 5, 2012 – Here are some statements from important health insurance companies on the Supreme Court’s announcement upholding the Affordable Care Act last week:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Updated July 3, 2012 – The Supreme Court’s ruling upholding of the Affordable Care Act is not even a week old, but many Americans are questioning the many facets of the decision.  How will the new “tax” affect Americans?  Will health care reform end up being affordable?  Will health care really be easier to obtain?  Here are some articles that tackle some of these questions.

Health Care Reform Leftovers

The Political Fallout From Health Care Reform

Americans Still Deeply Divided About Health Care Reform

Updated June 29,  2012 – The Supreme Court’s highly anticipated ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act implies that changes to our health care system will be implemented, mostly as planned, within the next few years.  Here are some articles that talk about the powerful impacts of “The Decision”.

Supreme Court Ruling Sets Stage for Full Rollout

Winners and Losers in High Court Ruling on Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform Ruling and the Impact to Young Adults

Updated June 28, 2012 – The Supreme Court has officially announced that they have upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate which will require all Americans to purchase health insurance.  The decision was 5-4 with Chief John Roberts making “The Decision” a majority.  President Obama’s health care law will go into effect over the course of the next few years.  Here are some interesting articles dissecting the decision and how it could end up impacting everyone.

VIDEO: Obama Addresses Supreme Court’s Ruling on Health Care

What The US Supreme Court Really Said About Health Care Reform

Supreme Court Upholds Key Obama Healthcare Centerpiece

How Will the Affordable Care Act Change the Health Care Landscape


Americans continue to anxiously await the long over-due decision on President Obama’s health law.  There is hope that the big announcement will be made by the end of the week.

The Supreme Court may completely overturn the law, including the controversial individual mandate, keep it as it, or make some changes to the current plan.

We’ve compiled some hot topic articles on health care reform and “The Decision” that will end up affecting all of us.

Updated June 27, 2012 – “The Decision” should be announced tomorrow, Thursday June 27th.  Here are some possible win/lose situations detailed by Josh Gerstein on – Win-Lose Scenarios

How the Supreme Court rules on health care reform could end up affecting millions of families in a significant way.  Here’s a look at potential rulings and possible outcomes from Mark Trumbull – How Supreme Court’s Ruling Will Affect Families

Updated June 26, 2012 – Here’s a very interesting timeline of health care reform efforts through American history – TIMELINE: US Health Care Reform Efforts Through History

Check out this video on how health care reform may affect the 2012 Election found on MSNCB – Health Care Reform and the 2012 Election

Updated June 25, 2012 – Check out this article on the BostonHerald website that talks about the debate that will surely follow “The Decision” – Supreme Court Health Law Ruling Will Only Begin More Debate

This article follows the variety of scenarios that may come about from the final decision and talks about the guessing game that is being played among experts – Health Law Guessing Game Grips the Capitol

We will keep you posted daily as more information is released on this epic health law announcement and the details that arise from “The Decision”.


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