What Kind of Health Insurance Do the Duggars Have?

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The Duggar family of Arkansas announced this week that they are expecting their twentieth child.  This comes with a swarm of controversy since their 19th child was born very prematurely and both lives were at risk.  With this said, doctors are saying Michelle Duggar is healthy at 45 years of age and will likely have a healthy pregnancy.  This topic lead me to wonder what kind of health insurance this family has and how much do they actually pay in health insurance rates?

Since the father is self employed, they may have a policy that is not employer-sponsored.  Health insurance plans often have family options where the number of children is not considered.  Can you imagine that the Duggar family may be paying the same for health insurance as a family with only two healthy children?  Their 19th pre-mature child required extensive medical care and the costs would have been very high.  While it may seem unfair, this is how our health insurance system is set up and it usually works.

While this family may be getting a good deal on health insurance per child, at least they are taking responsibility for their health care needs and paying into the system.  Millions of children across the nation have no health insurance coverage, but they still receive care when needed.  Children are typically not turned away in the emergency room and these unpaid costs add up.  Health care reform hopes to fix some of these scenarios, but Obama’s plan still has a long way to go.  The President is meeting a lot of opposition at the state level.

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