Medicare Beneficiaries Affected By Health Care Reform

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The website has information on the new health care reform bill.  They specifically discuss the changes being made to Medicare.  To pay for the health care reform bill there needs to be $313 billion in savings to create a deficit for an overall neutral plan.  The article says that America has the most expensive health care system in the world but points out that we do not get the best results.  Something new is needed to change this.

The majority of the savings which will help pay for the new bill comes from savings in the Medicare and Medicaid system.  There are 3 main points to saving in Medicare which include incorporating productivity adjustments into Medicare payment updates, reducing subsidies to hospitals for treating the uninsured as coverage increases, and pay lower prices for Medicare Part D drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry has committed to slowing the rate of increase of health care costs.  This will also help keep health insurance quotes down as most Americans will be required to carry health insurance coverage.  The Administration is continuously working with Congress to develop the best ways to achieve the necessary savings.

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